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You are invited to be a part of an unique and global voice-mob!

On May 1st at 1pm be at a public place of your choice: a balcony, an open window, in a park or wherever you like. Then talk for one minute about something that you really care about or just something that crosses your mind.

It doesn't matter if it is about politics, financial crises, the weather, or something personal.

Start with: "It’s 1 pm and I celebrate the freedom of speech!"

Get a friend to tape you or shoot a movie or photograph other speakers in your town. And then share your footage on the voice-sense facebook site or the voice-sense youtube channel.

IMPORTANT: The content of your speech is completely up to you. Let your imagination run wild, but keep racist comments to yourself.

Until May 1 we need your support! Upload encouraging videos, pictures, collage, or writings. And if you’re missing a language, please contact us!

Most important however: SPREAD THE MESSAGE! Make voice-sense known, talk about it, become a member of the facebook group, push the "like-button", visit www.voice-sense.org, and if you can't participate yourself, copy&paste the text to an email and invite your friends to this event!